The 23 Things

Listed below are 23 Things (or activities) that you can do on the web to explore and expand your knowledge of the Internet and Web 2.0 tools. You are encouraged to complete all 23 items on this list by May 16, 2008 in order to receive the 18 hours of Staff Development credit through Eduphoria. Those that complete all items by April 7, 2008 will earn a Creative Zen (which will allow you make podcasts) and also be entered into a drawing for a new laptop computer and microphone for use in your library.

23 Web 2.0 Things*

Life Long Learning
1. Read this wiki post and find out about the program.
2. Discover a few pointers from lifelong learners and learn how to nuture your own learning process.

3. If you haven't already done so, create an avatar or upload your picture into your profile NeedHelp? Post your 'The 23 Things' disscussion to Denton Library Staff Forum Directions. Click Here for a good site for avatars.
4. If you created a Denton ISD Ning Blog for your library (or already have one), post your URL in the forum. OR post ideas on how libraries might use blogs. Do both at the Denton Library forumand begin your Learning 2.0 Thru Play journey.

Photos and Images
5. Explore either Flickr and learn about these popular image hosting sites.
6. Have some fun and discover some mashups and 3rd party sites and reply to the Denton ISD Forum about what you learned from the session at the Feb. 18 inservice.
7. Learn all about the cool tools that Google has to offer and reply to the Denton ISD Forum about what you learned from the session at the inservice.

RSS Feeds and Newsreaders
8. Learn about RSS feeds and setup your own newsreader account.
9. Locate a few useful library related blogs and/or news feeds.

10. Play around with an online image generator.
11. Take a look at LibraryThing or Shelfari and catalog some of your favorite books.
12. Learn about MySpace and other social networking sites.

Tagging, Folksonomies & Technorati
13. Learn about tagging and discover (a social bookmarking site).
14. Read about Technorati and learn how tags work.
15. Read a few perspectives on Web 2.0, Library 2.0, and the future of libraries and blog your thoughts.

Wikis and Voice Thread
16. Learn about wikis and discover some innovatives ways that libraries are using them or reply to the Denton Library Forum about what you learned from the session at the Feb. 18 inservice.
17. Voice Thread- Create a story using Voice Thread. In your blog discuss one activite you would use with students using Voice Thread.
18. Take a look at some online productivity (word processing, spreadsheet) tools.

Online Applications and Tools
19. Explore any site from the Web 2.0 awards list, play with it and write a blog post about your findings.

Videos, Podcasts, and Nings
20. Discover YouTube or TeacherTube and a few sites that allow users to upload and share videos.
21. Discover some useful search tools for locating podcasts and reply to the Denton ISD Forum about what you learned in the inservice.
22. Take a look at the titles available on NetLibrary and learn how to download audiobooks. You might also want to read the article on digital books in the November 26, 2007 issue of Newsweek.
23. Need to convert something from one format to another? Check out Zamzar. Explanation: Take any file you have, and you can convert it to an image, a document or spreadsheet, a movie or an audio file!! Took my photostory and created a movie from this. Then you can upload to a blog, a webpage, etc...It'll email you the conversion pretty quick. 23. Summarize your thoughts about this program on your reply to the Denton ISD Forum.

By the end of the inservice you should have completed at least 4 of these items maybe more, particularly #6, 7, 8, 9, 15, 17, and 20.
  • NOTE: This project is loosely based upon the website 43Things (which allows you to set and track personal goals) and the Stephen Abram article titles 43Things I (or You) might want to do this year -Information Outlook - Feb. 2006.
Learning 2.0 is a discovery learning program created by Helene Blowers. Content and style for Learning 2.0 Through Play has been borrowed and duplicated with permission, under a Creative Commons License.

Additional content for this program borrowed and duplicated with permission from School Learning 2.0 by the California School Library Association.